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Mart by Blu

Our exquisite array of snacks encompasses enticing local and national appetizers, along with a thoughtful selection of alcoholic beverages and refreshing drinks. Furthermore, we have chosen high-quality, eco-friendly hygiene products and authentic souvenirs from the Enchanted Isles.

In our relentless pursuit of ensuring the utmost comfort for our distinguished guests, we have prepared a beverage station offering unlimited Paccari hot cocoa, tea, and coffee, complemented by an ever-accessible ice machine with no restrictions. As part of our commitment to providing an unparalleled experience, we invite you to make yourself at home: "Help yourself as you please and effortlessly record your consumption, adding it to your bill at the time of check-out."

Arbol de la Vida Reading Point

We invite you to immerse yourself in a haven of true serenity, where reading becomes a unique experience. Dive into the pages of your book while gently resting in a beautiful hammock, letting the magic of the moment mingle with the beauty of our majestic Arbol de la Vida Reading Point, a silent witness to countless stories yet to be unveiled.

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Cuarto de Lobos Lounge

Sea lions have also found their special corner at Blu, where serenity envelops the Cuarto de Lobos Lounge. We invite you to immerse yourself in tranquility, allowing the gentle sea breeze to caress you as you contemplate the visitors who frequent this charming sanctuary.


At Blu Galápagos, we extend a warm invitation to dive into the wonders of the natural world. Come to our Lounge and let yourself be carried away by a breathtaking panorama, where flora and fauna coexist in harmony.


Experience species observation at its peak and connect deeply with the innate beauty of nature.

Paccari Store

In our hotel in the beautiful Galápagos Islands, we've brought a slice of delight and fame directly to your palate: the exquisite Paccari chocolate. This chocolate, renowned worldwide for its superior quality and commitment to sustainability, offers you a truly unforgettable experience.

Every bite of Paccari is an explosion of flavors, a sensory journey that transports you to the depths of the Ecuadorian jungle, where the finest cocoa beans are cultivated. Its smooth and creamy texture harmoniously blends with notes of exotic fruits and a subtle hint of spices, creating a unique balance that caresses your palate.


In addition to indulging in its unparalleled taste, savoring Paccari at our hotel also immerses you in a story of environmental commitment and social responsibility. This chocolate is produced sustainably, supporting local communities, and safeguarding the rich biodiversity of the region.

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