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Feel free, feel local and explore safe on the best trip of your life in the stunning Galapagos Islands!

The Wonderful Santa Cruz is a naturally preserved island with a beautiful enviorment surrounded by many places to visit on your own and on your own time. A great place for those who prefer the beach with an urban environment.

Move around the Island as a local and enjoy the wonders of this natural paradise from a privileged location.

have fun and hang around

· Fish Market: 0.5 km

· Pelican Bay Plaza: 0.6 km

· Enbarcadero 0.7 km

· Main Escenic Pier: 0.9 km

· Bongo Bar: 0.7 km

· Lemon & Coffe Restro Bar: 0.8 km


· Main library: 0.8 km

· Museum Miguel Cifuentes: 2 km

· Cultural Space: Every Friday the main Av. Charles Darwin closes to offer a space to walk without worries through the special cultural space for everyone to enjoy.


· Beach la Estación: 0.5 km

· Beach los Alemanes: 1.5 Km

· Beach Tortuga Bay: 4 Km

· Lagoon Las Ninfas: 1.2 km

· Las Grietas: 2 Km

· Beach Garrapatero: 35 km


· Charles Darwin Station: 0.3 km

· Bay Tour

· Botanical Garden. 35 km

· Plant Nursery: 15 km


· Church Santa Marianita: 0.9 km

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