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Galapagos is undoubtedly one of the safest destinations in Ecuador. Its isolation from the mainland and the close-knit community among the locals are probably some of the reasons why you can walk its streets without any qualms, particularly in the Charles Darwin area. Even if you forget your belongings somewhere, you can rely on the efficient assistance of the locals.

In my own experience, I left my wallet in a café, and the waitress immediately contacted my taxi driver, who delivered it intact to my accommodation. This sense of security and reliability in Galapagos is remarkable. You can even explore the islands quietly on a bike without being plagued by apprehension or danger.

Whether you're out for a drink, visiting downtown, or perusing the market, you can enjoy your time in the Galapagos with peace of mind knowing you're safe. It is a true paradise with a quiet and safe environment, where you can really relax and enjoy your stay.

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